Regional Specialities


Turkey rice bowls (火雞肉飯 hǔo jī ròu fàn) are bowls of rice with shredded turkey layered on top, often accompanied by pickled daikon radish. The rice is drizzled with a kind of gravy made from the turkey drippings and soy sauce.


Hsinchu, 新竹 (Xinzhu, literally "New Bamboo") is famous for its pork balls, 貢丸 (gongwan), which are often eaten in soup, 湯 (tang).


Rice vermicelli, 米粉 (mifen), are another Hsinchu specialty. They are often eaten 'dry', 干 (gan, not in a soup) with mushroom and ground pork.

Dasi, Taoyuan

Dasi dried tofu (大溪豆干 dà xī dòu gān), of which there are two basic kinds, plain dried tofu and flavored dried tofu. People eat dried tofu as a dish or snack in Taiwan.


Suncake is the most noted pastries of Taichung. It is baked layered puff pastry with a sweet center often made with honey or molasses. Nagasaki-style Castella and nougats (牛軋糖) are other highlights of this city.

Tainan City

Tainan dan zai noodles (台南擔仔麵 Tâi-lâm tàⁿ-á-mī), shrimp and meat dumplings (蝦仁肉丸 hê-jîn bah-ôan), and shrimp crackers/biscuits are among the most notable local dishes. Another popular dish originating in Tainan is "oily rice" (台南油飯 Tâi-lâm iû-pn̄g), a rice dish containing savoury oils and shredded pork meat, mushrooms, and dried shrimp.

Coffin Bread (棺材板 guān cái bǎn) is similar to French Toast or bread bowl soups, but filled with savory fillings, such as black pepper beef or curried chicken. Thick cut bread is dipped in egg, deep fried, cut along three sides, opened and filled, and eaten.


Changhua is famous for Ba-wan, literally meaning 'meat circle'. They are a kind of large dumpling made from a gelatinous dough and stuffed with pork and vegetables, most commonly mushrooms and bamboo shoots.



Nantou is famous for Yimian, which is tasty, soft noodles in soup, and Rou-yuan (肉圓), which is similar to Ba-wan. Rou-yuan's exterior is made of tapioca starch and is filled with mushrooms, thin shredded bamboo, and a meatball. It is eaten with a reddish sweet and sour sauce.


Ah gei (阿給), which are deep fried tofu that have been stuffed with crystal noodles and sealed with fish paste and drizzled with spicy sauce on the outside.

Ah gei

Danshui fish ball (魚丸), because Danshui is near the ocean, therefore, it is a good place to try their fish balls, which are balls of fish paste stuffed with meat and garlic cooked in light broth.

Iron eggs (鐵蛋), are eggs that have been repeatedly stewed in a mix of spices and air-dried. The resulting eggs are dark brown, chewy and full of flavor compared to normal boiled eggs.

Iron egg