Typical Dishes

jiû-hî ke (Chinese: 魷魚羹; pinyin: yóuyú gēng) - Thickened soup with cuttlefish wrapped in fish paste.

oyster omeletá-chian (蚵仔煎, kézǎi jiān) - Oyster omelet made with eggs, oysters, tapioca starch, and Garland chrysanthemum leaves. It has a soft, sticky texture, and is eaten with a sweet and mildly spicy sauce, topped with cilantro. This dish is very common in night markets as it is the most popular snack in Taiwan.



á mī-sòa (蚵仔麵線, kézǎi miànxiàn) - Oyster vermicelli; a thickened soup containing small oysters and Chinese vermicelli.

bí-ko (烏米糕, me shai [米血], hēimǐ gāo [黑米糕]) - A dish made from pork blood and rice. It is usually cut into a rectangular piece and served on a stick, dipped in soy sauce, with the option of adding hot sauce, then topped with powdered peanut and cilantro.

bah-pn̄g (魯肉飯, lǔròu fàn) - Minced, cubed, or ground fatty pork, stewed in soy sauce and spices, then served on rice.loroufan

tōa-tn̂g pau sió-tn̂g (大腸包小腸) – Small sausage wrapped in big sausage. A Taiwanese snack, common in night market. A grilled Taiwanese sweet pork sausage wrapped in a grilled salty sticky rice sausage. Usually wrapped with garlic and basil. Customer can also choose the flavor they want, such as black pepper, garlic, chili, butter, and chocolate.

sān bēi jī (三杯雞) - A chicken dish which literally translates as "three cups chicken", named because the sauce is made of a cup of rice wine, a cup of sesame oil, and a cup of soy sauce. Alternately, the sauce can also be made of a cup each of rice wine, sugar, and soy sauce.

chhài-pó͘-nn̄g (菜脯卵) - Taiwanese Style preserved white radish omelet.

koe-á bah (瓜仔肉) - Steamed pork patty with Taiwanese Style pickled cucumber.